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a memory that lingers

do you know the feeling when you see or feel or smell something that is so familiar? something that makes you feel that time is slowing down because you are trying to remember.

I have that feeling when I smell bleach because it reminds me of my time in kindergarten and how the towels in the bathroom smelled of it somehow.

it strucks you... and yes, it makes time go slower.

last week it struck me and I remembered things so clearly. My mum found one of his winter caps. I knew it would be painful to remember as soon as I held the cap in my hands. But I could not resist. I wanted that last memory. I wanted to remember the smell for ever.
It smelled like I knew it would. It almost brought tears to my eyes. But I knew this was something I had to remember. Something that you will never lose. It might get a bit weaker over time... but you will never forget it..

8.5.17 09:34
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